Meet the Team


Meet Jessica!

The owner and founder of Bourbon and Fire. A true girl boss and hardworking human. Jessica does so much for the business. From designing to building and crafting, she does a little bit of everything.

Jessica founded this business back in 2021 in her basement. She started as a wedding business and eventually grew into what she was really passionate about. When she started creating the lids, they were for house decoration at first, until all her friends started asking for one. The rest is history.

Outside of work you can find Jessica at a mexican restaurant sipping a margarita, hanging with her family, watching tv shows, or enjoying a stunning sunset.


Meet Jeremy!

Jeremy is the husband of the owner and a current DHS officer. He does everything from sanding barrels to putting together new ideas. He does all the dirty work and never complains!

Jeremy has some serious dedication to the brand. He works all day at his job and then heads home to work some more for us. Serious dedication.

Outside of work, Jeremy enjoys singing along to music, watching YouTube, drinking bourbon, hanging with friends and family, or watching a movie he has already seen! A true hardworking goofball.


Meet Abby!

The social media gal you know and love. You will see Abby's face often on our page. She is head of the social media and marketing team. She creates every post, email, website update and banner you see! Don't worry, she also gets thrown into the dirty work and puts a helping hand wherever she is needed.

If we ever contact you, you're typically talking to Abby. She is the main form of contact at Bourbon and Fire. If you ever want to collaborate, Abby loves sharing ideas and bringing people together.

Outside of work, Abby is a hairstylist and business owner of her own boutique featured inside of Bourbon and Fire. Abby works at a local salon in Hamilton and owns Bug's Boutique. She also enjoys being outside, exploring, and reading a good book!


Meet Payton!

Payton is the daughter of the owner and always the life of a party! She will be around the shop often working and lending a helping hand when she can.

Payton is currently a junior in Ross High School and plays soccer. You can often find Payton cuddling her kitten, watching a movie, or taking a nap.

She is always such a help around the shop and makes sure we don't do anything weird! Always keeping us in check!