Our Story

Bourbon and Fire was founded in 2021 by the current owner, Jessica Meyer. Back when Covid hit in 2020, Jessica had founded a wedding business called BlueGirlDesigns in her basement. While she absolutely loved that business, it wasn't something she was incredibly passionate about. She first got into the bourbon barrel lids from her wedding business. She made a wedding barrel and loved the process of creating it. She was curious what else she could put on one of these lids.

After her first lid, she decided to see if she could put her favorite game on the lid of the barrel. The famous horse game is what she was trying to put on the barrel. It took a lot of time and failures to finally succeed. She showcased her game in her basement and it made it's debut at a house party. People absolutely loved it and everyone was asking for one. By the next house party, bourbon lids were lining Jessica's basement walls as decoration. Her friends loved those as well and eventually started asking for their own custom designs on the lids.

By that time, she decided to close her wedding business and pursue the bourbon business full time. She wanted to focus on custom laser engraved barrel lids and her games. It was named Bourbon and Fire, after the fire being used on the bourbon barrel lids. She decided to pursue this new passion and attend craft shows and events to promote her business. It eventually grew and had to be moved from the basement to the garage.

With a little bit bigger of a space, Bourbon and Fire was able to add additional bourbon related products. We added staves, magnets, openers, and so much more! We got incredibly creative and turned things we used on a daily basis into products for our business. Our Etsy took off and we felt so so blessed. We have had incredibly opportunities through this business, even making a barrel for Zac Taylor himself!

A storefront was something we never imagined having. We knew we wanted somewhere to sell our products in person year-round, but we didn't expect an actual store. We recently placed our items at Painted Tree in Montgomery and loved the idea of a "storefront" there. We were incredibly excited about this new chapter. Once we got into Painted Tree, we started looking for other places that would host our business. Being from Ross, we knew we wanted to be in Hamilton as it is close to home and somewhere we go often. When the building on Main Street presented itself, we knew it was too good to pass up. Although it took Jessica weeks to sign the final papers, she finally decided to take the risk and go for it. Hey, you only live once!

Now here we are, in Hamilton, on Main Street, starting this new chapter. We are excited to be able to grow our business and introduce new products. Seeing the wonderful community Hamilton has to offer has been amazing. We are surrounded by so much support, love and positivity.

Remodeling the building to fit the Bourbon and Fire brand has been tough, but it has been done. We are excited to host events and collaborate with other businesses around us. This new journey is going to be tough, but it's going to be fun!

We hope to see you around soon!

- Bourbon and Fire